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Black & White Mosaic

Black & White Mosaic

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Pregnancy, the power of a woman’s body to create new and separate life, is profoundly inspiring to me. This mosaic, “Black and White,” represents the tension between self and other that develops between woman and baby over the course of a pregnancy. The white space, powerful and nourishing to the eye, represents the embrace of the woman’s body, whose womb, captured in the repeated motif of the cyclical rings, supports the baby’s growth and development. The black spaces represent the mysterious, still unknowable essence of the growing child, whose existence interpolates the mother’s being in countless ways, but who remains out of sight until birthed into the world.


White Stoneware

Sculpture Clay

Lowfire Glazes, Underglazes & Oxides



40 inches ( 101.6 cm ) X 60 inches ( 152.4 cm )

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