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Evil Eye Mosaic

Evil Eye Mosaic

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This mosaic features a motif of eyes familiar throughout religions and ethnicities in the Middle East. In Israel, where I grew up, the eye was a symbol of good luck and protection across the many local cultures. During these troubled times, in an increasingly fragmented society—both in the Middle East and in the United States—this symbol of protection and luck feels more urgent than ever. But the diversely colored eyes looking outward directly at the viewer from the piece also speak to a modern interpretation of the eye symbol: the eyes serve as a reminder to us to bear witness. They demand of the viewer that they behold the deep injustices of our society and lend us the strength and moral direction to make right what is wrong.



White Stoneware clay

Lowfire Glazes

Gold luster



24 inches ( 60.96cm ) X 24 inches ( 60.96 cm )

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