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Circles 6 Mosaic

Circles 6 Mosaic

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In my work, the symbol of the circle represents femininity and womanhood. This series of brightly colored circle mosaics represents the empowerment of women to inhabit bright, unapologetic models of femininity. The circles of various sizes, shapes, and textures boldly utilizing the space of the mosaic represent the diversity of woman reclaiming their womanhood and resisting the profound social pressures placed on woman to exist only in closely controlled aesthetic and political modes. The mosaics speak to the historical progress that has been made in allowing women to live freely, but are also aspirational, looking towards a global future of female empowerment and freedom.


White Stoneware

Sculpture Clay

Lowfire Glazes, Underglazes & Oxides



24 inches ( 60.96 cm ) X 24 inches ( 60.96 cm )

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